The benefits of investing in property


Number 1: You have capital growth 

Number 2: You have tax advantages

You can reduce your tax to legally zero. 

Number 3: You have the depreciation

Which is another form of tax advantages.

Number 4: You have income coming in every month


Our strategy is to invest in high capital growth property with low holding cost from as little as $13 a week. Over time the property generates you an income.

Capital growth property is very important, with the increase equity, this can help you to invest in your next property sooner.


So you have money coming in, Government is giving you all these bonuses and on top of that the bank will lend you money for property. 

Imagine going to your bank manager, and you say to your bank I believe gold, antiques and paintings are good investment, can you please lend me the money so i may invest in these things.

What do you think your bank manager will say to you?

He will laugh at you. However the bank will lend you money for property, but they won’t lend you money for antiques or paintings, simply they are too risky. 

Firstly, the bank will lend you the majority of money, every dollar you put in the bank lends you nine dollars. This is call leverage. Secondly, real estate is the safest investment. If it wasn’t safe the bank won’t lend you money.


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Sang Duong

Sang Duong started with an empty hand and drove a $500 Hyundai car. At the age of 25, Sang joined the property investment industry. Since then, he has ridden the property boom and survived the downturn. He has a portfolio of properties located throughout Australia. His passion is to share his property knowledge and wisdom to property investors.

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