Behind every successful property investor is a dynamic support team of professionals from real estate and other fields.


Conveyancer or Solicitor

An essential part of investing in a property is selecting the right conveyancer or solicitor to assist you. Your conveyancer or solicitor should be someone who specialises in property investment, and whom you trust to look after all your legal requirements and conveyancing.


Mortgage Broker or Financier 

Buying property can be daunting and obtaining the right loan is as vital as selecting the right property. Your mortgage broker or financier should be a specialist who can advise you on how best to structure your loans to help you leverage into multiple properties and who is up to date with the lending criteria of a wide variety of lenders. We can recommend an experienced and professional financier to you that know about property investing.


Financial Planner

Your financial planner should be someone who specialises in various aspects of personal finance including cash flow management, retirement planning, investment planning and tax benefits planning. A financial planner will oversee your long-term financial strategy, advise on matters such as property investment, superannuation and ensure that you and your assets are protected for your future. If you don’t have anyone at heart we are able to recommend a professional financial planner to you.



Your accountant should be someone who specialises in property investment and understands tax legislation. Your accountant should be able to advise you the best way to structure your property investments to minimise your tax, maximise your returns and protect your assets and can use the laws to your best advantage while keeping the tax office happy.


Property Manager 

Your property manager should be a specialist in all areas of managing investment properties and portfolios, ensures the process of renting out and managing investment properties is an effortless and rewarding experience.


To build a successful property portfolio, you will need a team of experts to help you on your way. You will need advice on researching, choosing, buying, financing and maintaining a successful investment property.


At Real Estate For Success we can help you to build a your property portfolio !










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