Why I wrote this book?

  • To show you the right steps to get started
  • To help you avoid making costly mistakes that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars
  • To help you become a successful property investor
  • To show you the 7 steps to build a Multi-Million dollar property portfolio. Proven strategies implemented by successful property investors

I personally haven’t come across a property investment ebook that contained so rich information as this. Some people became successful and keep the secrets to themselves. I hold nothing back, i reveal to you what i know. This is not theory, I revealed secret concepts, property investment tips and proven strategies that is used by me and successful investor that build their wealth. The information contained in this booklet is what you have been waiting for until now.

What topics are covered in this Ebook:

Step 1 – Goals
* Start with the end in mind

* ABS statistic

Step 2 – Overcoming your biggest obstacles
Obstacle #1: Fear of interest rate rise

Obstacle #2: Fear if there is no tenant
Obstacle #3: Fear of property price going down
Obstacle #4: Fear of loss of job
Obstacle #5: Confused don’t know what to do

Step 3 – Property Trends over the last 80 years in Australia
* Property graph
* Fundamentals of property investment
* How to select peak performance suburbs?
* Melbourne top hot spot locations for property investing

Step 4 – Build your dream team
* The most important people you need to know
* Accountant
* Financier
* Property conveyancer/solicitor
* Property investment advisor

Step 5 – Can you afford to invest?
* What are all of the costs of property investment
* Should you buy old or brand new off the plan?

Step 6 – How to build a multi-million dollar property portfolio
* Formula for success
* How to achieve an income of at least $90,000 per year for life

Step 7 – Take action
* The three biggest reasons most people don’t invest
* Introducing my “7 Proven Steps To Property Investing … How To Make $90,000 Per Year – EVERY YEAR – For Life!” coaching program

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