How to invest in Melbourne desirable suburbs… where you can get a property for under $580,000….currently growing by up to 9% a year!

These ‘super-star’ Suburbs are surging in price right now.

And, they’ve still got some years to go before they reach the ‘900k’ dollars’ mark… So some smart investors are planning to….enjoy the ride to the top.

You’ll discover how to find these potential ‘super-star-suburbs’ surging in price right now.


If you buy and hold a property where you out of pocket $70, $100 or $200 a week. Then its costing you too much money.

How to buy and hold lucrative properties for $1 – $49 per week or… with today’s rates… even positive cash flow.


If you don’t have an investment property, if you have just 1 property, or if your property is more than 5 years old. You are paying too much tax.

The “icing on the cake” for investors is the fact that you can also use property to potentially reduce your tax to zero. And we can show you how.
Well-selected properties can give you tax deductions, increase your cashflow and build you wealth.

You will discover how to save “bucket loads” of tax in property with brand new ‘fixtures and fittings’… turn your investment cash flow positive.


  • How to build a portfolio that can replace your working income so you can escape the rat race
  • How to leverage your equity to turn one property into 2, 4, 6 plus. (This is where you can make kingdoms of wealth.)
  • How to use the equity in your family home to buy lucrative investment properties
  • How to work out your personal “safe investment rules” – so you only invest within your means. (Most investors get this wrong. Get these rules correct and you’ll be sitting pretty even if the “worst case scenario” hit.) You can start growing your wealth now without affecting your current quality of life in the slightest.
  • How to pick properties that will attract “very good” tenants – so you never have to worry about tenant not paying rent or property damage, that leave many investors struggling to make ends meet.
  • How to get the right type of finance for rapid wealth building – no matter what the market is doing
  • Understand the opportunity cost of not having a Genie strategy plan in place before deciding to invest in property.
  • Plus much more…

The ultimate goal of investing is to achieve financial security.
Financial security is not having to work for a living, but to be able to live a lifestyle of your choice and do what you love, where your investments are generating all the income you need.

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