East werribee employment precinct


775 hectares of development land in Werribee East

Right in the heart of the fast growing area of Wyndham.

Right in the heart of Melbourne West.

This is going to be Melbourne Third Largest CBD.

The most prestigious part of Melbourne West.

In context to that 775 hectares is 5 times the size of Melbourne CBD & Docklands put together.

In the past this site is used as a state research farm. 

But over the last 20 or 30 years the research developer has been downsize and relocated to a more appropriate location. 

And the challenge is how to make this unique site, this large area of land that is so strategically located in a positive way to make a real difference.


A precinct structure plan for this area

And what it will deliver is 58,300 jobs for this region, 7,100 homes, 20,000 residents.
What it means is people who live in melbourne West or surrounding suburbs will be employ here, so this is about creating jobs where people live in melbourne west.

Today over 2,000 existing jobs at nationally renowned organisations including Victoria University, CSIRO, Werribee Mercy Hospital.


New Government transport infrastructure projects will further strength Werribee accessibility:

• Watch Regional Rail Link — a $4.8 billion project opening in 2015 >>

• Sneydes Road freeway interchange — a $40 million project opening in 2016

• East Werribee Stage 1 road works — a $27 million project opening in 2016


This East Werribee Precinct will absolute be the capital and the focus of Melbourne West.

Its genuinely is going to be a third melbourne CBD smack bang right in the middle, 30km from Melbourne and 45km fro Melbourne greater Geelong area. 


Former Premier Dennis discusses the East Werribee Employment Precinct and the 58,000 jobs that the project will mean for Melbourne’s west, watch video >>

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