Independent Property Investment Advice

Real Estate For Success specialises in providing expert advice on property investment throughout Melbourne. Our objective is simple. We help clients to build their own diverse property portfolio using our proven investment system and become financial independence through quality property investments. We educate, coach and assist property investors through one-on-one meetings, seminars and regular information updates.


What makes Real Estate For Success different?

A proven investment system
Our 7 Proven Steps to Property Investing helps investors become successful investors and build property portfolios no matter where you’re based.


Research and sourcing quality properties
We research and do due diligence on every property and only select quality investment property throughout Melbourne. We negotiate with developers to get the best possible deals for investors and pre-public opportunities.


A dedicated investment team
All our clients receive ongoing support from experienced and professional consultants to assist with all their property investment needs. Successful investors understand they need professional and supportive team around them in order to save time, minimise the risk and maximise long term success.


We can help property investors access finance
We have a professional network of finance specialists who can assist you customise an investment finance structure and source the ideal lender for your investment needs.


Continuous ongoing support
At Real Estate For Success we educate and assist our clients throughout their investment journey, providing sound investment strategies, quality projects and ongoing professional support to ensure that you’re always fully aware of opportunities to further secure your future financial independence.

We provide a friendly, committed and efficient personal service.



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