Discover Sang Speed investment: investing is a skill just like any other - one that can be strengthened and sharpened over time.

There’s NO Such Thing As A Good or Bad Investor… Just A Trained or Untrained Investor.

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My name is Sang, and I help investor accelerate their investment. For over 16 years, I have served as an educator to IT professionals, doctors, nurses, lecturers, programmers, tradies, and business owners.

I was renting a flat in North Melbourne, driving a bomb of a car at 24 years old, and have only $80. I decided that property investment is a vehicle to build wealth. So I work hard and save money to invest. I made some really horrible property investment decisions in my early days and pay a hefty price. I lost over $160,000 from an investment property because of my silly mistakes. 

I created strategies to invest safely, quickly and profitably and dedicated my life to helping others unleash their investment potential to build wealth faster and live a life of greater financial independence and enjoy more time with families.

I have addressed group of audiences from 50 to 200, in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s.

My passion and profession is coaching others to unlock their wealth genius and live the life they desire and deserve. I will show you practical and powerful strategies to research, avoid risk, finance, invest, and accumulate properties with greater speed and ease.

I will not only share with you the best skills and ideas to help you take your investment to the next level, but I will also be there to support you as you learn along the way

I‘ve taken the strategies, tricks, and techniques I’ve learned through 16 years of trial and error and turned them into a simple system anyone can use. You’ll start seeing the difference in less time than most other investors.

I have giving training like this to IT professionals, employees working at major banks, doctors and business owners to help boost their investments and returns.

But my mission is to make these powerful methods widely available – to show everyone they can do it, even if you a beginner.

Sang Speed Investment helps you improve the four key elements of investing: finance, research methodology, risk management and accumulation. If you master these principles, you can eliminate investment mistakes and build a thriving property portfolio.

Sang Speed Investment Empowers You To...


more financially independence and have more choices in life


a healthy nest egg for a comfortable lifestyle


the daily grind

Be In Control

of your life not that dictate by your boss

More Joy

more quality time and more fun with your love ones


to more exotic holiday destinations

Forget the office for a few weeks, months or years, forget the work-a-day world, and travel to Dubai, Paris, or to London, or wherever life and adventure beckon.

“Announcing… The New Insider Secrets To Slash Years Off Your Learning – From Sang Who’s Actually Been There and Done It”

(You’ll Get the Exact Game Plan to invest in Your Next Property – even during this pandemic)

Here’s Just the Tip of The Iceberg of What You’ll Learn…

  • What every investor ought to know…about investing during the pandemic
  • How I’m profiting from the Covid-19 disaster and how you can do it
  • How to reduce your family home mortgage, year by year
  • How to avoid small property mistakes that cost investors thousands
  • A simple way to legally pay zero taxes
  • How to Build a "Cash-Gushing" mini property Empire even if you a beginner
  • How to invest in property from as little as a cup of coffee a day
  • How to pick the right tenants and avoid tenants from hell
  • How to pick the winning investment property each time and every time
  • How top investors buy investment properties during the pandemic

Tailored to your specific needs

Everyone situation is different, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to property investing. This is why many investors fail. We develop a strategy that incorporate your financials. By input your own information, we are tailoring everything to your unique situation so it is not a one size fits all approach.

What Sang Clients Are Saying

"Sang has been extremely helpful, patient and professional during our assessing and purchasing process. We really felt that he was interested in us and making sure we were happy with our investment. We’re looking forward to working with Sang again."
Richard & Carolyn Leatham
Client Services Manager, Lithocraft Pty Ltd
“Sang has been very helpful and professional. And he is very honest and prompt in communication. Sang was very informative and happy to assist with lot of patience. He referred to few other service providers who were very helpful as well.”
Murthy Anjanappa
" I was impressed by Sang attention to detail and a genuine desire for meeting my objectives. I gained trust and confidence in his abilities. He has a very good knowledge of the real estate market and combines this with good customer management.”  
Arvind Rangachari 
Senior Manager, Specialised Transaction Management Loans & Finance at ANZ
"Hi Sang, I appreciate you taking your time to share your insights within the real estate industry with my husband and I to help us build our portfolio. You explained it in a way that was easily achievable and advised on what suburbs/properties to purchase to get to where we want to go.” 
John & Kieu Phan
“Right from the start Sang took the time to explain things to me. Towards the end of the process, he came with me to the final inspection and I felt supported all the way. He go out of his way and his service is outstanding.
Despina Veselinovski
Account Manager at GlobalX Information
“Hi Sang, you assisted me in all stages of the property purchase, arranging meeting with a bank agent, helping me with the inspection before settlement and finally coordinating the efforts with all the parties in the days leading to settlement. I rate your service as 5 out of 5 even though I think you deserve 10.”
Aleksandar & Sonja Kacelov

Sang Speed Investment is a simple system anyone can use to nail your investing…

  • You'll discover How to buy HIGH Performance properties even during the pandemic
  • How to pick the right house in the right suburb
  • How to narrow down your search, from over 100 of suburbs in Melbourne, down to just 3 suburbs, saving you days hunting online
  • How to avoid analysis paralysis that stops you from getting started, by not having a proper strategy
  • How to spot Top grade properties with both high capital growth and a solid strong rental income
  • How to get finance you need and structure your finance correctly to grow your portfolio… so you don’t hit a financial brick wall
  • How to Create An Income Producing Asset that is working 24/7 for you, while you sleep
  • Access a simple step-by-step system all laid out for you

Why everyday Australians turn to property

The school never taught you HOW to be financially independent – only to work for money. And so we wasted our valuable life trading time for money. It robs us of our freedom and quality time with our family.

And no matter how hard we work, we remain stuck in the vicious cycle of working hard and not getting anywhere financially. We need to put an end to this.

That is why so many Australians are turning to property investment as a vehicle to build wealth. While they are working, they build a nest egg that will look after them in their future. They use other people money to make them money without effecting their lifestyle. 

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a seed a long time ago.” Warren Buffet

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