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Nov 11

8 Biggest Mistakes Made By Property Investors

  1. Buying older properties (with no tax benefits) 2. Not having the correct financial structures in place 3. Buying at auction 4. Paying off debt (when you should create a redraw facility) 5. Waiting for the deal of a life time 6. Selling to realise a profit (when you should refinance and save tax) …

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Apr 27

Questions & Answers on Real Estate Investment

  Risk # 1: What if i can’t find a tenant? Look at the facts… The vacancy rate in Melbourne is about 3%, meaning out of 100 properties, only 3 are vacant, 97 are rented out. 3% vacancy rate is an equilibrium market.    The solution: Select location with high rental demand and shortage of …

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Apr 24

The 7 Golden Rules to Your Investment Success

  Golden rule #1: Money that you invest must be absolutely safe Residential property in Australia held over the long term is one of the safest investment. Bank lend up to 90% on residential property because they know that property is very safe for them to lend money.   Golden rule #2: Invest in assets …

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Mar 08

Helpful Property Investment Tips

  Invest in a brand new property to save maximum tax. Depend on your situation, buy off the plan to save maximum stamp duty. Buy in an area with low vacancy rate, easier to rent out. Invest in property where the holding cost is low, in most scenario between $10-$50 a week. Don’t buy a …

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Feb 13

Pros And Cons of Buying Off The Plan Property in Melbourne

  Buying off the plan for example an apartment can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing, especially for first time or non experienced investor. There are some risks involve when buying off the plan, for example:   The quality of the finished product can be a lower quality Or the project may …

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