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"Get a free one hour with me to discover how I started with an empty hand, drove a $500 Hyundai car 9 years ago and now I've built a million dollar property portfolio that gives me a passive income for life... And live the lifestyle I want..."

“This step-by-step system will eliminate the frustrations and struggles to grow your portfolio by showing you my exact strategy to invest in property to create the lifestyle of your dreams- starting right now…”

Is this you?

  • Are you tired of working hard year in year out, having nothing left at the end of each year
  • Don't have enough time with your family
  • Don't have enough money to do the things you love to do

If you continue to do the same thing as you did in the last 5 years, you'll get the same result. In order to change your result in the next 5 to 10 years, you have to change the way you think, when you change the way you think, you take different actions, and when you take different actions you get different results.

Why invest in property?
  • Gain more leverage. Property always outperforms all other investment classes, because of leverage. Don't work hard for money, let your money work hard for you.
  • Safe and secure. It is more safe and secure than any other investment vehicles.
  • Grow your asset baseResidential property in Australia is one of the only investments where consistent capital growth is generated over time and is the key to build long term wealth.
  • Increased tax deduction strategies. Rental property enable investors to claim depreciation on the building, fixtures and fittings. All expenses related including management fee, council rates, water rates. 
  • Retirement planning. As a long-term investment it can offers you an ongoing source of income once you retire.

If investment is a good vehicle to create wealth, then why so many people failed?

  • They invest in property blindfolded
  • Don't have a plan and strategy
  • Invest by trial and error instead of learning from someone who succeeded in property
  • Invest in the wrong property
  • Listen to the advice from people who haven't succeeded in property investment


  • Are you overloaded with too much information on the internet, not sure of what to do?
  • Are you getting advice from someone that is not a successful investor. Like anything in life, if they haven’t achieve the result that you want, then how can they teach you?
  • Are you reading newspapers or magazines for property advice or looking for hotspots? If they talk about hotspots, its too late to get in. And who wrote that article? A journalist, what’s their expertise? Writing bad news. 
  • Stay away from people that talk about get rich quick scheme, getting rich over night, or making $80,000 in 6 months. 
  • Newspapers, magazines say "boom or bust"? Don’t let that impact you. Always look at the fundamentals and key drivers of property investing.

What Sang Duong will share with you:

  • How to create a property investment plan to become financially secure with 3 to 5 properties
  • Stay in control of your plan and financial future
  • How to start your next property with as little as $10 a week
  • How to get 100% finance for your next property
  • Discover the next Melbourne hotspots which primed for massive growth over the next 7 - 10 years
  • How to finance your portfolio empire
  • Avoid the 7 most costly mistakes every investor makes
    So you can start safe, invest smart and sleep well
  • How to pay off your dreaded mortgage and being debt free

About Sang Duong

Sang Story: From broke to achieving a lifestyle that he wants in just in 9 years by investing in property. 

I started with an empty hand and drove a Hyundai car worth $500. I had no property investment knowledge and no financial knowledge, and even worse, I had no idea about creating true wealth. But it was my dream to become financially independent. What that meant to me was to live the lifestyle that I wanted, to drive a nice car, to go on holiday as often as I wanted... and to escape the rat race.
Prior to getting into the property investment industry, I gained a degree in Computer Science at Melbourne University and then I worked in the IT industry for about two years.
To follow my passion and dreams. I started working in the property investment industry in 2004. I quickly learned the property investment strategies from the best coaches.
So, now I am a successful property investor. I’ve built a multi-millionaire property portfolio, achieve a passive income through property investing.  And I can help you to do the same, so that you can have more time with your family and secure your future through property investments. 

Why do I provide a free one hour session?
I have been coached by successful investors, now I have acheived the result, I want to give it back by helping you. And I know that the only way for you to succeed is to learn from someone that has achieved the result that you want. To go out there and do it alone there are lots of traps and mistakes that you may encounter. So this is the safest and quickest path to get you to where you want to go. 
                                                                                                                                 Sang Duong

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Why you need to plan for your future today...
The truth may shock you, let’s look at where most of us are going in our life!

Take any hundred people at the start of their working careers at the age of 25 years old… fast forward to 40 years of their life until they reach 65 years old, and here’s what you’ll find according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

real estate investment advisor melbourne

It’s a shocking statistics, wouldn’t you agree?
Out of 100 people, 5% achieved financial security and 95% either broke or on a pension. 
 5% have a plan and a strategy in place. 95% have no plan and no strategy in place.
Do you have a plan and strategy in place to be in the 5%?

Success stories

    Steven Luu, Melbourne

    Once again, Sang has been excellent in sourcing another quality investment property for my portfolio. As always, he is patient, and understanding, and will answer all your questions without hesitation.
    He has in depth knowledge of the locality and benefits of the property he recommends, and the fact that he practises what he preaches gives me further confidence in investing in his products.
    Sang has now helped me increase my portfolio from 2 to 7 properties over 3 years. It would be unachievable without his guidance. I highly recommend him to anyone looking at purchasing a quality investment property."

  1. Despina Veselinovski, Account Manager at GlobalX Information   

    Dear Sang,
    I wanted to thank you for all your help and support in the purchase of my apartment. 
    Right from the start you took the time to explain things to me, you always followed up promptly.

    I am also really happy that you connected me with one of your NAB contacts who offered me a much lower interest rate than two other banks I inquired with.

    Towards the end of the process, you came with me to the final inspection and once again I felt supported. You go out of your way and your service is outstanding. I would have no hesitation to recommend you to others. Thank you again for all your help. "
    Deric Ong, Richmond, Victoria

    “Overall it was a positive experience and I would not hesitate to deal with him again. I highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to purchase property for investment or otherwise. I would like to thank Sang Duong for his assistance and service that has helped me to purchase this investment property.

    Sang professional approach and thorough knowledge of investment property strategies has enable me to get my second investment property in the same year. Sang service during and after the transaction was excellent.”


    Debbie, Darwin NT

    “I wanted to invest in property for sometime now, I’ve been to quite a few investment seminars, but never had the confidence or knowledge to take the first step. After I read Sang story & investment tips on the Internet, it gave me the push I needed to find out more and after talking to you I finally made the decision. I felt from the start that you were trustworthy and had my best interests at heart.

    I’m very happy with my investment in Parkville as it is close to the CBD & also where my daughter currently lives (Trinity College).
    As a first time investor it is very distressing trying to make decisions that you know nothing about, but still wanting to improve your life for the better. I liked that I could ring & ask you anything about investing, 

    I also liked that you put me in contact with your friend to discuss my financial situation, so I could make the decision knowing that I can afford it. I’m very grateful to you for all your assistance & guidance and I hope I will be able to continue & who knows maybe invest in another property with you again one day.”


  1. Dr Christopher Yuan
, Lecturer of Holmesglen Institute

    “I recently met Mr Sang Duong, Director of “Real Estate For Success” and was deeply impressed by his professionalism and his willingness to offer assistance to his customers.

    He provided me with very detailed information on investment strategies which were very useful.We are very satisfied with his service and we have no hesitation in recommending him to his future clients. We look forward to another opportunity in the near future when we can do business with his company again.”


  1. Janice Chung, Melbourne, Victoria

    “Sang has been such a fantastic property coach and listener. He’s down to earth approach and willingness to analyse different investment strategies according to ones needs and affordability is highly appreciated.

    Most importantly he’s very approachable, communicates effeciently despite time and is very helpful.He treats his clients finances as if they were his own and facilitates them wisely accordingly to the clients needs and wants, in addition to some recommended future plans.

    Thanks to his advise, my property for the Vogue Project in South Yarra has increased by 5% in less than 3 months! You rock Sang!

    I will not hesitate in recommending him to any new property investors or alike friends and family. This man knows what he’s doing and does it the best way!Thanks heaps Sang, its much appreciated”.