Nov 11

8 Biggest Mistakes Made By Property Investors


1. Buying older properties (with no tax benefits)

2. Not having the correct financial structures in place

3. Buying at auction

4. Paying off debt (when you should create a redraw facility)

5. Waiting for the deal of a life time

6. Selling to realise a profit (when you should refinance and save tax)

7. Buying based on emotion and on the look of a place

8. Waiting for a downturn in the market


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About the author

Sang Duong

Sang Duong started with an empty hand and drove a $500 Hyundai car. At the age of 25, Sang joined the property investment industry. Since then, he has ridden the property boom and survived the downturn. He now owns a multi-million dollar property portfolio located throughout Australia. His portfolio has generated him a passive income. His passion is to share his property knowledge and wisdom to property investors.

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